About us

Pasturi Srl was founded in 2001 thanks to the intuition and the experience gained by its owner in over thirty years of activity in the aluminium industry.

Located within a world class production facility, our skilled staff utilizes a variety of extrusion processes and customized tooling, to shape the diverse range of profiles our customer’s demand. Our modern plant has a capacity of  18.000 tons per year thanks to 2 different extrusion lines equipped with the very latest generation of high-performances tools and innovative components that assure us to provide to all our customers a very high standard of quality and service.

With the aim to offer even greater satisfaction to our customers, we have also invested in equipments to provide value added services.  Our equipments included a brand new vertical powder coating system for bars up to 7.000mm and a machining department with CNC machines, punching machines, bending machines. Pasturi Srl has implemented and maintains a management system which fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard that is a further evidence of the attention that every member of our staff constantly dedicate to the quality development and to the customer’s requirements.

Facility info

> Surface: 
   40.500 sq meter 
> Production capacity: 
   18.000 Tons/year
> Profile weight range 
   from 0,1 up to 27 Kg/mt
> 3250 tons capacity
   9" billets
   min lot of production: 1000kg
> 1850 tons capacity
   7" billets
   min lot of production: 500kg
> Powder coating
   for bars up to 7.000mm


Cutting edge plant with two extrusion lines including two oleodinamic presses with 3250 tons and 1800 tons capacity, automatic handling system, computer aided technologies for the inspection of profile geometry

Powder coating

Pasturi Srl is equipped with a vertical coating system for bars up to 7.000mm with a maximum weight of 40Kgs, designed to offer to our customers an even more complete range of services.


Cutting, CNC Machining, Drilling, Hole punching, Milling,
Shearing, Threading, Bending machines, Sub-assembly and Full assembly capability


In addition to a wide range of custom profiles, we can also offer you a complete choice of standard shapes.Click on the following link to browse our catalogue