Our extrusion manufacturing facilities produce profiles of the highest quality and with tight tolerances for use in numerous applications.
The project of the plant took into strong consideration our natural focus for the quality of the extruded profiles driving our investment to the most advanced technologies available on the market today.
A special attention has been paid to the sinergy between both extrusion lines in order to ensure the greatest possible flexibility and make it more concretely evident in terms of service to all our customers.
To provide you even greater satisfaction, we also have a large manufacturing and precision machining capacity which is always evolving and expanding.

3250 tons Extrusion line

3250 tons press combines with  a specially-designes handling system for producing profiles with high-quality surface finishing, hot billet saw blade, automatic stakers and automatic temper oven cycle.

1800 tons extrusion line

This extrusione line has 1800 tons press capacity using 7'' billets and a sophisticated cooling systems ensuring consistent temper specifications.

Temper process

The mechanical properties of the profiles are guaranteed by a powerful intensive cooling system and an effective temper oven with automatic cycle management and handling.


We package your profiles according to your needs, with the same care we dedicate to produce them. Our automatic packaging systems, ensure proper product handling to prevent defects and to let you receive your profiles in perfect condition.