Terms of sale

Customer's orders

The customer's purchasing order should include:

  • the item code of the required profile,
  • the required quantity expressed in kilograms, Meter or number of bars
  • The agreed price per unit
  • the surface finishing required
  • any particular packaging configuration (billed separately)
  • any special processing required (velcro, drilling etc.)
  • any additional services required
  • any special attention on quality level.
  • the requested delivery date.

Unless otherwise stated, the Pasturi’s standard shipping tolerances for extruded aluminium profile are within +/-10% against the Customer’s order quantities. The buyer will use due care and timeliness in the examination and inspection of incoming goods. Written notice of transport damage or shortage concerning the goods must be received in writing by Pasturi with 48 hours of delivery. 


The profiles will be extruded by Pasturi in accordance with the Customer’s design specification or requirement(s) including:

  • The main important dimensions highlighted on the drawing with a frame
  • any required tolerances on dimensions that it should require.
  • the European Norm for those not tolerated dimensions.
  • the alloy types required for the realization of the profile
  • those section(s) of the profile on sight and/or important for the aesthetic requirements of the customer.
  • any special packaging requirements
Any profiles will be extruded without prior authorisation received in written by Pasturi Srl from the customer through the formal signature of the final drawing that therefore willl be considered as integral part of the contract of sale. Any claim relating to a single delivery will not affect the contract in relation to subsequent deliveries.


Any quality complaint must be notified to Pasturi Srl within 8 days and its content should allow Pasturi srl to identifying the nature of the defects for subsequent internal audits and/or adoption of any corrective actions. 

Defects as well as differences, will give the customer the right to request the replacement of the goods and or thier credit compensation, excluding the seller's liability for direct or indirect damages. 
For defects that may involve the responsibility of the carrier, the complaint must be made subject to revocation by written report on the delivery note. 
If the defects relate to a quantity of less than 1% of the supply, the buyer shall not be entitled to ask for the replacement of the goods or their credit compensation. 
In any case, no further liability will involve Pasturi Srl nor for damages or costs caused by subsequent machining and/or further activities commissioned by the customer to third-party vendors.